Paradata and Transparency in Virtual Heritage

ISBN 978-0-7546-7583-9
Editors: Anna Bentkowska-Kafel and Hugh Denard


1  Introduction by Anna Bentkowska-Kafel and Hugh Denard

2  Defining our Terms in Heritage Visualization by Richard C. Beacham


3  Scientific Method, Chaîne Opératoire and Visualization. 3D Modelling as a Research Tool in Archaeology by Sorin Hermon

4  Setting Standards for 3D Visualization of Cultural Heritage in Europe and Beyond by Franco Niccolucci

5  More than Pretty Pictures of the Past: an American Perspective on Virtual Heritage by Donald H. Sanders

6 A New Introduction to the London Charter by Hugh Denard

 The London Charter for the Computer-based Visualisation of Cultural Heritage


8  Walking with Dragons. CGIs in Wildlife ‘Documentaries’ by Mark Carnall

9  Hypothesizing Southampton in 1454: A Three-dimensional Model of the Medieval Town by Matt Jones

10  Paradata in Art-historical Research. A Visualization of Piet Mondrian’s Studio at 5 rue de Coulmiers by Ryan Egel-Andrews

11  Just how Predictable is Predictive Lighting? by Kate Devlin

12  Lies, Damn Lies and Visualizations. Will Metadata and Paradata be a Solution or a Curse?by Martin J. Turner

13  Intricacies and Potentials of Gathering Paradata in the 3D Modelling Workflow by Sven Havemann


14  Defining Paradata in Heritage Visualization by Drew Baker

15  Transparency for Empirical Data by Mark Mudge

16  Behaviours, Interactions and Affordance in Virtual Archaeology by Maurizio Forte and Sofia Pescarin

17  How to make Sustainable Visualizations of the Past. An EPOCH Common Infrastructure Tool for Interpretation Management (includes Saint Saviour Church in Ename, Belgium. A case study) by Daniel Pletinckx

18  Conclusion: Processual Scholia. The Importance of Paradata in Heritage Visualization by Anna Bentkowska-Kafel

© Anna Bentkowska-Kafel, Hugh Denard and Drew Baker, 2010

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